"Better to light a candle than curse the darkness" – Eleanor Roosevelt

African Wildlife Preservation Donation Services

Africa's wildlife is a testament to a beautiful symbolic relationship with Mother Earth. Unfortunately, due to human encroachment and trophy hunting we are in grave danger of losing several species. Saving Eden International is unique in its goal....to provide more territory for the animals to repopulate and flourish. There are several wonderful organizations aiding in their preservation. We at Saving Eden International wish to aid them as well by expanding the conservation areas by providing protection against poaching and disease. This will take a Global effort. Please don't let them disappear. Now you see them.....soon you won't.


Our goals…..

  • To build or buy a non profit mobile tented lodge to ensure funds will be available when donations and grants are low or exhausted... Guests who stay with us, will help benefit the purchase of land to expand the conservation areas throughout Africa.
  • To use donations and grants to purchase land adjacent to conservation areas expanding them from the relentless encroachment of man.
  • To protect the land with anti-poaching squads to ensure their safety.
  • To employ and educate local citizens and their families on these wondrous assets.
  • To clear ancient migration paths if it means buying farms and relocate with comparable land in which to flourish.
  • Offer citizens (Rewards) on all information up to and leading to the arrest of poachers.
  • To work and aid other agencies with common goals
  • To employ simple, inexpensive ways to deter wildlife from existing farms to ensure safety to both animals and man. For example…a simple set of speakers broadcasting the sound of bees will deter Elephants from eating a farmers crop.
  • To eventually build an orphanage for African wildlife to be re-introduced into the wild.

Save African Wildlife

Our team accepts donations to continuously secure Africa’s conservation areas. Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can help our cause.